Our Mission

BKV was founded as a 21st century company. We are culturally dynamic, technology driven, environmentally responsible and socially engaged. All with an unapologetic pride as an American producer of the cleanest possible energy for America and the world. We are pursuing our vision as a world-class energy company, demonstrating how environmental responsibility and substantial revenue generation are not incompatible. Our mission is to lead the industry in the safe and profitable production of net zero natural gas. And we are achieving this through our intentional focus on technological innovation, operational excellence and capital discipline…all in concert with our commitment to honesty, fairness and transparency with our investors, partners, employees and communities.

Our History


A New Company for a New Age

Kalnin Ventures is founded as fund manager of BKV Oil and Gas Partners, owned by Banpu PCL, a diversified energy company based in Thailand. Here the seed is planted for a different kind of organization. With a 21st century vision. A 21st century sensibility. And a 21st century concept of what a highly successful natural gas E&P company should be.


BKV Chaffee Corners

BKV Chaffee Corners, LLC acquires a 29.4% interest in the Marcellus Chaffee Corners Concession (operated by Repsol) from Range Resources, further strengthening our growth-by-acquisition/management strategy. Currently:

● $111.5 million total transaction value ($69.9 million upstream value)

● Proven reserves of 163.3 Bcf (team estimate)

● Proven reserves of 71.3 Bcf (SEC)

● Net production of 18.5 mmcf/d

Early 2017

Growth in Pennsylvania

Further acquisitions contribute further non-operated consolidations throughout the Northeastern Pennsylvania Marcellus, including Chief, Radler, Tug Hill, and Zena Energy. As a non-operator now working with top-tier operators in NEPA, BKV recognizes the space for a highly technological, heavily data driven operating company in the region. BKV begins rapidly developing its own operating capabilities.

Late 2017

BKV Operating

For the first time, BKV pursues ownership acquisitions of Carrizo, Reliance, and Warren Resources in NEPA with the objective of expanding into an operator position while also acquiring additional midstream assets. With the new BKV Operating division engaged, BKV is now one of the top 20 natural gas producers in Pennsylvania, with an interest in 355 active wells with net natural gas production of 160 million cubic feet per day.

2018 - 2020

Operational Focus and Corporatization

BKV devotes much of the next 24 months to strengthening its technological, exploration, production and operations infrastructure. Building and fine tuning its expanding scope and competencies as an organization. 2019 sees a BKV operations facility built in NEPA, testament to it’s commitment to the region and the community. 2019 - 2020: BKV sheds its Fund structure to emerge as the BKV Corporation.


BKV Barnett

In October 2020, BKV purchases Devon Energy’s Barnett assets in North Texas. The deal includes more than 320,000 gross acres and 4,200 producing wells, making BKV the largest natural gas producer in the Barnett Shale. Impressed with BKV’s growth, success and full incorporation of ESG principles into its operations, Oaktree Capital Group commits to investments in BKV totaling $700 million.


Authentic. Sustainable. Leadership.

Sustainability. For BKV, it’s a guiding principle

We’re proving production of low impact, sustainable carbon-based energy isn’t simply a good idea, it’s good business. We are employing the imperative of sustainability to produce not just superior risk-adjusted returns, but also a cleaner, healthier world.

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