Our carbon.
Our commitment.

No more passing the buck. It’s time for energy companies to own their impact. So our carbon capture, utilization and sequestration project is anticipated to come online not “someday,” but next year in 2023.

Owning our impact

Our strategy is straightforward. Our emissions are our responsibility, and we are owning our impact. In our commitment to lead the way in the production of net-zero natural gas, we are taking concrete steps now to address our emissions rather than achieving our goal through the purchase of offsets alone.

What is Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration?

Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) is the process of capturing and permanently sequestering carbon dioxide, which reduces the amount of pollutive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A proven method to help cut global emissions and address the impact of climate change, the carbon is transported from where it was produced and stored deep underground in geological formations.

Action, Not Words.

Our initial carbon capture, utilization and sequestration project is expected to come online not "someday," but by the end of 2023. Starting now, EnLink Midstream will transport natural gas from our Barnett Shale operations in North Texas to their processing plant where the carbon dioxide waste stream will be captured, compressed, and then disposed of through permanent sequestration via our nearby injection well.


Making Sustainability Our Business.

When it comes to sustainability, we mean business. We recently formed dCarbon Ventures, a dedicated business unit focused on driving CCUS innovations and project development. With carbon sequestration fundamental to our sustainability plans, we expect dCarbon Ventures to be an area of significant growth for our company.

Sustainability is more than just a word.

The key takeaways from our inaugural sustainability report include:

Mitigate Scope 1 emissions through our Emissions Monitoring Ecosystem
Achieved the highest safety scores
Zero reportable injuries
More refracs than anyone in the country