Net-Zero Energy.

We believe in taking concrete and transparent actions for the future of sustainability—now. Without action, sustainability is just a word. As such, we have set ambitious goals and defined a clear strategic path to lead the industry toward the safe and profitable production of net-zero green natural gas.

We will achieve this through our focus on technological innovation, operational excellence, carbon-negative initiatives and capital discipline—all in concert with our commitment to honesty, fairness and transparency with our investors, partners, employees and communities.

You can explore our goals and progress in our inaugural sustainability report.



We put a high priority on safety and demonstrate that by fostering a culture of safety excellence rather than simple compliance. We are fully committed to providing the tools, training and resources required to sustain it. In 2021, we received one of the highest safety scores amongst our peers in a standardized survey administered by ISN.


Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, protecting wildlife, achieving full environmental compliance, conserving and reusing water and reducing emissions to address climate change head-on. Producing certified, green gas is our top priority and why the company has formally adopted a net-zero goal—one of the most ambitious in the industry.

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Community Engagement

We are driven to be a force for good in society and dedicated to having honest relationships with our stakeholders. We actively support and invest in the communities where we operate and where our employees call home. By proactively engaging with local community stakeholders, we can better understand their interests and concerns.



We believe in transparent and accountable governance. We work tirelessly to improve the way we work with all our stakeholders to set the pace for the energy industry. Governance within BKV underpins all our ESG progress and enables us to approach it in a systematic way

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